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This is a generation full of challenges and opportunities, we believe that the world will walk out of the pandemic haze sooner or later! Also, Happy Lemon will come up with a new appearance as “Happy Lemon 3.0” using Yellow and White as brand colors to pass on happiness and hope to every customer. Citron Yellow just like the Sun represents Brightness, Hope, Happiness, and White represents Clean and Peaceful, appeasing the restlessness brought by the pandemic. Happy Lemon 3.0 New Brand Image with New Menu combined together hoping to bring Lemon Fans a new experience of healing to face the bright new future! Happy Lemon, Happy Everyday!

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Good People
Good Product
Good Service
Good Brand
Good Logistic

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As we grow stronger in the Tea beverage market, we promise to assist our partners with the highest quality of support, cooperation, and professional spirit.

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