「“Real Brew Tea” was found by Mr. WuBuoChao according to folklore “A jade rabbit that can make tea sweet and rich.” Starting from a small shop in Hong Kong, cups of Taiwanese tea have been passed on to thousands of customers. The English name “Real Brew Tea” came from the action of on-site brewing of tea, which is an inherent way of entertaining guests in Taiwan it demonstrated the enthusiasm and the quality of the tea. Real Brew Tea’s menu combined both fashion innovation and traditional classic, senior food experts are constantly developing, enriching, and diversifying meal choices.
In 1996, the Franchise program of “Real Brew Tea” is officially launched in Shanghai. Casual dining, modern management methods and organized franchise system. From Taiwan to Hong Kong, and throughout China, Real Brew Tea has more than 130 stores.
With the rapid changes in catering market, new brands continue to enter the market increasing the competition of the market, but Real Brew Tea still adheres to the original intention of its founding. After 20 years of continuous updating and innovation, it has been able to stand up to this day.

HappyLemon’s products are mainly designed using the two ideas“Fresh ” and Innovative ”, such as Freshly Squeezed Lemonade Series ”,and “Salted Cheese Series ” these series created many trendy drinks beloved by Generation Z.
2023 , Happy Lemon promoted the brand using the pun “Happy Lemon,More then tea ” as the slogan,using Yellow and White as brand colors to pass on happiness and hope to every customer . Upgrading the whole brand image, taste of products , and store appearance , combining the tea culture with young and energetic as creative tea to create happiness and pass on the happiness.

Happy Lemon is committed to creating a tea culture sharing platform to promote the idea of a “New tea culture ” to the world , allowing more people to enjoy the charming part of tea culture.
Tea Opal condensed 20 years of business experience of Yummy Town group, to brew a cup of good tea through professional tea-making process and carefully selected product raw materials. Provide a good tea worthy of precious time for those busy urbanite, leading into a new round of tea drinking trends. With the accumulation of years of experiences, we have a unique perspective on tea, which can truly transcend limitations and constraints and achieve real innovation. Tea Opal, a tea worthy of your time: Compatible and harmonious, each has its own merits. The logo of Tea Opal symbolizes the strict selection of tea quality in the ancient tea ceremony and the unique requirements of modern tea drinking for craftsmanship, creating an unforgettable sweet fragrance on the lips and tongue.
Four main goals:
  1. Modern: Represents the integration of traditional tea art into modern tea drinking light luxury experience. Infuse the tea culture into the times and meet the living habits and emotional pursuit of modern people.
  2. ea Drinking: Represents our insistence on tea quality. Tea is not only a beverage, but also a kind of culture, cultivation, vision, and connotation.
  3. Light Luxury: Represents the pursuit of sublimating the quality of life. What we pay attention to is a way of life that is not exaggerated and true. Light luxury is the ultimate softness of our inner that satisfies our higher-level needs spiritually.
  4. Experience: Represents that we have gone beyond the needs of pure beverage taste. What we provide is the overall experience no matter from the service, environment, experiential consumption, to the smallest details we understand and do our best to satisfy.
Yummy Town Group opened its first Alma Spanish restaurant in Shanghai 2016 and was immediately acclaimed. Awarded “Bib Gourmand Recommendation” for 3 consecutive years and was promoted to “Michelin the Plate” in 2019. Seeing restaurants are booming in Taipei’s catering market, Alma Spanish restaurant debuted its second location in December 2019. Allowing more food lovers enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine, share Tapas with their family, pair with wines from Spain and lively Spanish songs, and the warm service interaction. Feel the fiery hot soul in person and the immersive experience of the comfortable and relaxed southern European country.
“Hippo BobaTea” is a new brand of Yummy Town group the brand appeals to the new tea drink of the healthy trend, with good raw materials and more delicious taste. Using white pearls without any added preservatives, secret recipe of brown sugar with multi-layered taste, and natural unmodified mellow milk.
“Hippo BobaTea” claims pure, simple, and comfortable so that consumers can relieve stress and let go of themselves. No preservative, no additives, just drink it whenever you want!
We make every cup of tea with all heart because you deserve better.