Happy Lemon was founded in 2006, using lemon as the main axis of the brand, and focuses on the brand image of health, vitality, and fashion. The funny and cute wink design came from the brand designer's phrase "Lemon, so sour!", associate with Happy Lemon's bright and energetic brand image.


01The story of the Brand

Brand Culture

HappyLemon’s products are mainly designed using the two ideas“Fresh ” and Innovative ”, such as Freshly Squeezed Lemonade Series ”,and “Salted Cheese Series ” these series created many trendy drinks beloved by Generation Z.
2023 , Happy Lemon promoted the brand using the pun “Happy Lemon,More then tea ” as the slogan,using Yellow and White as brand colors to pass on happiness and hope to every customer . Upgrading the whole brand image, taste of products , and store appearance , combining the tea culture with young and energetic as creative tea to create happiness and pass on the happiness.
Happy Lemon is committed to creating a tea culture sharing platform to promote the idea of a “New tea culture ” to the world , allowing more people to enjoy the charming part of tea culture.

The Best Entrepreneurship Platform for Tea Drinking in the World

We hope to pass on the successful experiences and tea-making techniques to those who are willing to join us and turn Happy Lemon into the first tea brand in the market. Strive to help every partner to have the most professional, most caring, and the most efficient support, creating a win-win situation.
Happy Lemon was created 15 years ago, and a 15 years-old brand is an important asset proving its own marketplace. In the future, we will continue rejuvenation, digitize, and creativity to become the first pick of the consumers.

Branding Concept

Happy Lemon, one cup of onerous tea, the ingenuity in tea, adhere the brand value, the brand sustainable value lies in the spirit of 5G, Good People, Good Service, Good product, Good logistic, Good Eco-system.
Happy Lemon’s Branding Concept is while planning for the global layout keeping the idea of One Brand, One Concept, One Store.

02Global Map

Global Map

  • 2006- Shanghai
  • 2008- Taipei
  • 2010- Philippines
  • 2013- Seoul, Korea
  • 2014- New York, USA
  • 2015- London, UK
  • 2015- Boston, USA
  • 2016- San Francisco, USA
  • 2016- LA, USA
  • 2016- Toronto, Canada
  • 2016- Vancouver, Canada
  • 2017- Melbourne, Australia
  • 2017- Costa Fleet-Serena
  • 2018- San Diego, USA
  • 2018- Seattle, USA
  • 2018- Okinawa, Japan
  • 2018- Tokyo, Japan
  • 2018- Dubai,UAE
  • 2019- Costa Fleet-Atlantica
  • 2019- Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2019- Las Vegas, USA
  • 2019- Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2019- Costa Fleet-Venice
  • 2019- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • 2020- Kuala Lumpur
  • 2020- Denver, USA
  • 2020- Portland, USA
  • 2020- Chicago,USA
  • 2021- Dallas, USA
  • 2022- Huston,USA
  • 2022- Hawaii,USA
  • 2022- Austin,USA
  • 2022- Orlando,USA
  • 2023- Kaohsiung
  • 2023- Paris,France

03Specialty drinks

Most Popular Products Top 5


Super Grapefruit with Green Tea


Black Tea with Salted Cheese


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade with honey


Grape Tea with Salted Cheese


Winter Melon Lemonade

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